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A Journey Outward for a Journey Inward: Searching Deep Inside

India is the land of stories and most of these stories are based from mountains, river, and forests of India. TrekNTales introduces you to the tales of India by experiencing it while trekking. Our focus as TrekNTales is to propose an experience that answers your questions inside & outside of your spiritual, mental and emotional body & soul wellness. The awe-inspiring tales that we heard from one and many generations through the trek of times. We are a group of story teller’s expertise in hiking, trekking, and spiritual tours. Our tales are based on our enlightening mythological books, stories, sculptures and hearsay from the local people, from our ancestors specially grand-parents, people residing in remote Himalayan villages, deep forests, at the bank of holy rivers the Ganges and those undisclosed places which are still to be explored and what we hear.

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