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Roopkund, trek where every trekking lover wants to go. If you are a fan of trekking then you must have heard about the Roopkund and about the most mysterious lake in India. The hellfires are visible in this lake, this is why the lake of Roopkund is called the mysterious lake. During the cold days, the lake gets fully accumulated but when the snow melts in the heat, starts to show skeleton in the lake. It is also called a skeletal lake. Surrounded by glaciers and mountains from around, this lake is very famous for trekking. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists arrive in the summer.

According to the local people stories, once a king whose name was Jasdhawal went on pilgrimage to Nanda Devi. He was going to get a child, so he wanted to get the blessings from Goddess. The local saints told the King not to visit the temple with such a grand ceremony. As it was decided, the goddess got angry with such loud-spirited and showy performances and killed everyone. The king, his queen and the future child died here. The locals found some bangles and other ornaments which shows that women were also present in the group.

According to mythological belief, Nanda Devi is the name of Parvati. It is believed that Nanda Devi (Parvati) was going with Lord Shiva through this route. They were thirsty but they could not get water due to the rocky mountains.

Day 1: Day 1: Haridwar / Dehradun to Karnaprayag to Mundoli (330 KM /291 KM)

Our TrekNTales team will receive you at the arrival point (Haridwar or Dehradun). From that point, we will move to our first stop Karnaprayag. This place is around 197.5 km from Haridwar which will take around 7 hours drive to reach. From Dehradun its 212.4 km far which will take also 7 hours drive. We will go through the Dehradun / Haridwar -> Rishikesh -> Devprayag -> Srinagar -> Rudraprayag -> Karnaprayag. This route is covered with mountains and you can enjoy the most beautiful views while traveling through this. Our team will also help you with taking photos at famous spots while moving to our first stop. After reaching the Karnaprayag we will take a rest for a few minutes and here you can have light snacks. Now we will move to our next stop Mundoli. This place is around 78.5 km from the Karnaprayag which will take only 3 hours drive to reach here. After crossing Simli, Narayan Bagad, Trikot, Dunagari, Kulsari, Tharali, Dewal, and Kandai villages we will reach our second and last of this day's stopping point Mundoli.  Here you will stay at the place arranged by the TrekNTales team. At the evening you can enjoy the spectacular views of high mountains.

Day 2: Mundoli To Wan (16 km drive) To Bedni Bugyal (11 km trek)

Next day after taking light breakfast our team will lead you to reach our next stopping point Wan village. From Mundoli to Wan village distance is 16 km which will only take 40 to 50 minutes to reach here. After reaching here we will start moving towards our next destination Bedni Bugyal. Its an 11 km long trek. To come here, you should walk in warm clothes, a tent (TrekNTales team will arrange this), trekking shoes, drinking water, packaged food, and medicine. Once you reach here you will not want to go back. The reason is that in the plaintiff, the scent of colorful flowers blossomed in the plains, the soft green grass sheets extending far away, the cold winds in the evening, and the dew squares shed will mesmerize you. Here the weather is pleasant, the nights here are also too cold in the summer season. Nilkanth Mountains can be seen from Bedni Bugyal. At the night time, one can see the clear blue sky. After exploring this place we will take rest in a tent.

Day 3: Bedni Bugyal to Patar Nachauni (5 Kms Trek)

The total distance from Bedni Bugyal to Patar Nachauni is 5 km which will take around half a day due to the steep climbing. For one night we will rest in this village. Our TrekNTales team will arrange your resting place and dinner for you. According to the legends, the king of Ujjain was going to the temple of Nanda Devi with his entire army and dancers. On this place, he ordered all dancers to show the dance. Seeing this Nanda Devi became angry and made all the dancers stone on this place. The king prayed for forgiveness from Goddess Nanda, and the Goddess ordered him to come to her temple every year as repentance. The king prayed to Goddess that it is not possible to visit the temple every year, then Goddess ordered him to come in every twelve years. This practice is still prevalent today and after every twelve years, Nanda Devi Raj-Jat Yatra goes to the temple.

Day 4: Patar Nachauni to Bhagwa Basa via Kalu Vinayak (5 Kms Trek)

If we get down from here, then we will reach Bhagwa Basa. It is said about this place that Mata Parvati left her lion here and went to Roopkund for a bath. This is a beautiful place. We will reach Bhagwa Basa after a steep climb we will cross the Kalu-Vinayak. It is said that Lord Vaynak is standing here for the protection of Mata Parvati here. Bhagwa-Basa is the last camping place for Roopkund Trek where we will stay the night. Our team will take care of all arrangement of your night-rest and meal. This place is about 14,000 feet from the sea, which is quite a remote area. From here you can see the high mountains of the Himalayas comfortably. This place is situated in the very corner of the Himalaya mountains. By coming here you will feel like you are in heaven. You can see the white snow sheet and clouds wrapped on mountains from here. There is no hotel facility here, so we have to set up our own tents. It gets very cold in the night here and there is no system of fire and water, so we have to take all these things with us.

Day 5: Bhagwabasa to Roopkund to Patar Nachauni (15 Kms Trek)

The next day we will wake up early in the morning then we will start our trekking for Roopkund. You can enjoy trekking early in the morning because you can see the panoramic view of mountains and nature at this time. It will be the longest journey on today and our entire trekking trip. First, we will go to Roopkund and then we will come back to the Patar Nachauni. This journey will be quite tiring, so you are suggested to complete your sleep well at night. Roopkund is also known as Skeletal Lake. This skeleton lake is covered with snow for most of the year. Roopkund's journey is a pleasant experience. This is a sacred religious place and lots of stories related to it will be able to tell you. It is said that the skeleton of humans was also found in this lake. After some time resting here, we will return to the Patar Nachauni. The village is about six kilometers from Roopkund.

Day 6 : Patar Nachauni to Wan via Bedni Bugyal (16 Kms Trek)

The next morning our team will take you to the Wan village. To go to the Wan, we have to cross first Bedni Bugyal. This Bugyal is a very large field of grass where you will see just green grass all around and the cattle roaming here. We have to cross the sixteen-kilometer trekking route to reach the Wan which will be quite difficult. Near the Wan village, there is a very famous temple of Latu Devata. This temple is the twelfth stopping place of the Nandadevi Raj-Jat Yatra which goes once every twelve years. The door of this temple opens only once a year on Baisakh Purnima and a huge fair is organized on this day. Only one person has the courage to enter the womb inside the temple and that is the temple priest (pujari). Amazingly, the priests also enter the temple in a special way because of the fear of that Naag Devata. Here the worship of God is done by closing the eyes and the priest also worshiped by binding a cloth in his eyes of the fear of Latu Devata. In the village, you can hear many fables of this devata. We will rest in the Wan and our team will look at the entire arrangements for your stay and food.

Day 7: Wan To Haridwar / Dehradun (346 km/ 307 km)

Next morning, we will go back to our destination from where we started this beautiful journey. Our team will drop you in Dehradun or Haridwar, wherever you want to go. This whole journey will take more than ten hours. Himalaya's snow-covered mountain ranges look beautiful in many places on the way. We will stop at Srinagar for lunch. If you get tired after this trip to Dehradun or Haridwar, you can stay here for one more night and can go to your home the next morning.

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