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Dronagiri Trek

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Dronagiri is the name of a mythical mountain peak in Almora district of Kumaon under Uttarakhand region of India. Drona, Dronagiri, Dron-mountain, Dronagiri, Dronanchal, and Dronanchal-mountain are synonyms of this mountain’s name. After the time there was an aberration of Drona, currently, this mountain has been called by the name of Dunagiri or Dronagiri according to Kumaoni dialect. Actually, this is the mythical Drona. Dronagiri is about 10 km after the Dwarhat. It is a historic and charming city inhabited by Katyuri Samants. It is also called North Dwarka. It is still the city of mythological and religious temples. There are about thirty temples and 365 nautical in the style of architectural history. These are now protected by the Indian Archeology Department. The distance of Dronagiri from Joshimath is about 55 km, in which 13 km distance is the best for the trekking. The same route goes to the village on the border of China.

People of Dronagiri used to worship the mountain god i.e. Dronagiri with the left hand because Pawan Putra Hanuman took the mountain with his right hand. Here’s another interesting thing to see. There is no temple to worship the mountain god (Parvat Devata), but Dronagiri mountain is considered to be God. Firstly, Dronagiri mountain is worshiped with traditional custom. The people offer special Prasada and wine to god here. That is why mountaineering is prohibited on Dronagiri. It is believed that those who try it, they never come back. Not only this, the death of someone in the village is dead then instead of burning the body they used buried that in fearing that the smoke will rise due to the burning that can destroy Sanjivani Buti (a type of medicine through which the Hanuman saved Laxman). According to the residents of Dronagiri, when Hanuman Ji reached this village to take the Sanjivini Buti, he could not find the mountain of Sanjivani. Then an elderly woman from the village showed him a mountain of Sanjivani Buti. When the elderly showed the Buti mountain, Hanuman broke a large part of that mountain and flew over the mountain. It is said that the old man who helped Hanuman was socially boycotted. For this reason, women are not included in the worship here.

Tour Distance & Duration Locations With Altitude
Day 1 : Haridwar / Dehradun to Joshimath (279 km/300 Km Drive) Joshimath: 6,300 Feets (1,920 Meters)
Day 2 : Joshimath – Jumma (45 km Drive) – Rwing (03 km trek) Agoda: Jumma: 7,500 Feets (2,286 Meters)
Day 3 : Ruing – Dronagiri village (7 km trek) Rwing: 7,850 Feets (2,393 Meters)
Day 4 : Dronagiri village to Nandikund base camp (4 km trek) Dronagiri village: 12,000 Feets (3,658 Meters)
Day 5 : Nandikund -Dronagiri Mountain – Nandikund base camp (7 km trek ) Nandikund: 13,000 Feets (3,962 Meters)
Day 6 : Nandikund to Rwing (11 km trek) Lower Bagini Glacier: 14,436 Feets (4,400 Meters)
Day 7 : Ruing to Joshimath (3 km Trek and 45 km Drive) Upper Bagini Glacier: 14,928 Feets (4,550 Meters)
Day 8 :Joshimath To Haridwar / Dehradun (279 km/300 Km Drive) Total Trek – 35KM Days engraved in trekking: 08 days


Region – Chamoli Duration – 8 Days/7Nights Difficulty – Moderate
Average Temperature – 4 to 10 degrees Get Yourself Fit – Safety –

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  • Deposit of 25% of the package cost at the time of booking.
  • Need 50% payment of the package cost, 30 days prior to departure date
  • Need 100% payment of the package cost, 15 days prior to departure date

  • 10% of full tour cost - 45 days prior to arrival.
  • 25% of full tour cost - 30 days prior to arrival.
  • 50% of full tour cost - between 15 & 29 days prior to tour.
  • 75% of full tour cost - between 14 & 7 days prior to tour.
  • 100% of full tour cost - within 7 days prior to tour.

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